Watches! Do You Know Any Better Present?

Yesterday I had a meeting with a friend of mine. We have been friends for more than ten years. We spent our childhood in the same kindergarten and yard, we climbed together on the trees and ran for pigeons. When we became elder he began to date with girls and I with boys, but we were still loyal friends. We discussed our problems with parents, difficulties with our boyfriends or girlfriends and troubles we had at first at school and then at the university. So today I can say that there is friendship between us that have been proved by a number of years.

But yesterday from the first minute I met him I understood that something had changed in him. I hadn’t seen him for just three or four days before yesterday but certainly there was something unusual in his appearance. I noticed that he was in a bad mood. He had some problems in his family. It certainly could be seen on his face: he was a bit gloomy. But there was something else, something new in his style. And this something didn’t give a moment’s peace! Only when he raised his hand in order to tidy his hair I noticed new gold watches. They glittered so wonderful in the light of the lamps!

He told me that it was a present of his brother who had been living on the other continent for about seven years. They see one another so rarely& That’s why my friend cares about these watches with great love. He likes them not only because they were presented by his brother but also because they:

- Peculiar and stylish design;

- High quality of materials;

- Long durability (my friend hasn’t repair his watches any time though he has these watches for rive years).

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