Real Estate Agents – Presentation Marketing Folders That Win Listings

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One of the most important documents you can use in pitching for a new real estate sales or leasing listing is your presentation folder. In simple terms you have to have one, but it also has to be great and layout to help you win the business.

In presenting a proposal for a new listing to a client, understand that the communication is driven from 80% visual content and 20% written content. In reality the written content is not greatly read or comprehended. The simple reason for this is that adults have little time and want to be convinced of the relevance of the content before they will read it. Design your real estate presentation folder on illustration and not written content. Keep words to a minimum.

Not all salespeople can really pitch to the property owner consistently and creatively. This is where the presentation folder also keeps you to a pitching process and a plan. It takes you to the high points of the marketing of the property. It tells the client why they should use you and how they should use you.

There are a number of goals that the marketing folder should serve:

  1. To build the clients confidence in you the salesperson, in selling or leasing the property.
  2. To build the clients confidence in your company and real estate office in listing the property in the local area.
  3. To show the client that you really do know how to market the property and that your methods are equal to or better than the others in the market.
  4. To show the client what has been going on in the market with comparable properties.
  5. To show the client the listing process you offer and timelines that can apply to their listing process.
  6. How they can sell or lease the property quickly and yet still get a great price or rent

This simple list then shows that you have to structure the marketing folder to assist your logical presentation. Remember that the client is mainly interested in what you can do for them and the property. This should bias your marketing folder towards client questions and focus. A checklist or a series of them in each property type is great to help you here. You should have a checklist of questions for each of the following property transactions and types in your marketing folder. The checklists should be relevant to your region and local area.

  • Retail shop leasing
  • Retail property sales
  • Industrial property leasing
  • Industrial property sales
  • Office property leasing
  • Office property sales
  • Tourism related or other income generating property

Make no mistake here, the quality of the questions that you ask in the client interview, together with your use of the marketing folder, will influence the client in the listing process. Preparation is the key to success in the listing presentation.

The more effective and professional your marketing folder, the more effective you can be in closing the listing. The marketing folder is something you should carry with you at all times and have available for use at a moment’s notice. Make sure you know how to use it together with your checklists. Your checklists will help you focus your dialogue and questions. You will sound better than the competition and sell your ideas to the property owner more effectively. In this way you will close more listing opportunities.

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Powerful, Persuasive & Motivational Business Presentations and Public Speaking

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Public speaking and business presentation skills are increasingly crucial, yet often undervalued, elements of our success.

Great success comes to us when we can access and communicate our vision of a “better way” for our audience with passion and in stories the audience can relate to.

In today’s aggressively competitive economy, we must always be on our game and we must constantly and effectively sell our stories and our value to our audience.

Our audience might be employees, our boss, or customers. This is even important in selling our friends and spouse on the value and importance of our relationship.

If we aren’t selling effectively in business, we risk replacement.

If our public speaking or presentation skills are lacking, it’s probable that our success will also lack.

Even if you have already acquired considerable success, if your communication skills are inferior, you are denying yourself even greater levels of success.

Public speaking and business presentations are about selling our audience on the positive feelings and experience through the benefits to them if they buy into and act on our message.

Our stories – within our speech or presentation – should be about our audience, not about us or our product. Our stories must be about how we can move from the “fear, discomfort or lack” and to “satisfaction, comfort or safety,” as a result of their relationship with us and our product or service.

Public communication, whether in a sales presentation or a speech, has three primary elements: Content, structure and delivery.

To effectively present on stage, in life or in a business or sales presentation, we must first access, connect with and gain command over ourselves: our unique perspective, gifts, passions and voice.

Then we must learn how to communicate with our entire being, or instrument: our physicality, words, ideas and emotions. Expressing with free, passionate, dynamic connection to our message and our audience.

We must populate our message with the words that most precisely, concisely, rationally, and passionately articulate our message so as to have the greatest impact on our audience.

Then we must structure, that is sculpt, our words into a structure that provides for optimal impact and resonance for the audience.

Finally, we must persuasively communicate our message.

Even if we speak to an audience of 500, our message must be delivered to one person at a time with our complete attention, intention and focus on that individual.

It’s our job to inspire and lead our audience down a clear, concise and vivid path to their benefit through our voice, message and passion.

Success or failure; greatness or mediocrity; the choice is all yours. Great success and fulfillment most often comes to those who access, inhabit, own and communicate their passion with total intention and dedication to benefit our audience.

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Living in the Present Moment is Empowering

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What does it mean to be in the present?

We let the past influence our present. Things happen in our lives and occurrences take place that we put a meaning to, and a belief about. A neuro-pathway is created in our brain and that becomes our truth. We carry these truths around with us wherever we go. And they influence out present moment.

So in actuality, we are basing all of our decisions on what we believe about things. That is what I call living in the past and perpetuating the events of the past. We often spend time thinking about past events making them still active and relevant.

Most often, the beliefs that we created in our past are based on one incident or one aspect of our lives. They are often no longer useful to us. In fact, I believe that they are not at all. Things change, we change and other people change. Holding onto unworkable beliefs holds us back from making positive changes in our lives.

This is not to invalidate what has happened to us, or what others have done to us. It is to take charge of what we can do now to move forward and find healing.

Living in the future is hard to do.

That statement is pretty self explanatory, but we still try to do it anyway. It is important to have dreams and goals and to make plans for that. But aside from that, we can not know what the future will bring. When we make our plans and work our plans, we are in the present taking care of our future.

When we are not reacting from the place of our own opinions, but are reflective and in the moment, we are at our most focused, clear and confident. That is our inner power.

A good bit of advice when faced with a difficult situation is to pause and reflect without reacting. Forget how things worked in the past and make your response based on what is really happening at the moment. This is when you will be the most powerful and confident. This is when people will listen to you and respect you. Base your decisions on logic and workability. Your self-esteem will improve and you will remember to be in the moment more often.

For more on self-esteem and inner power go to

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Executive Presentation Training – The Seven Deadly PowerPoint Sins

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Business executives everywhere know the power of a PowerPoint® presentation. PowerPoint® is the predominate presentation tool used in the world today. It can also be the most assured way to lose an audience’s attention and kill your message.

Why? Because PowerPoint® is the most misused presentation tool used in business today.

When used correctly, PowerPoint® can enrich a presentation and make the message more memorable. The problem is most people don’t use this terrific invention even remotely effectively.

With proper executive presentation training, you can avoid the common mishaps many executives make when using PowerPoint®.

Below are the top seven mistakes people make when using PowerPoint®. If you are guilty of any of these, make changes to your presentations immediately. Your reputation as a speaker will improve and your message will be more memorable.

1) Too much content on a slide. Use only a few key words or phrases on each slide. Think 4 X 4: No more than four words per line, no more than 4 lines per slide.

2) All words, no images. Use fewer words and more images. Use an interesting picture or a key word on a slide to launch your talk about each topic or message you want to deliver.

3) Too many slides. Do not use a slide for every point you want to make. The main focus should be on you, not the slides.

4) Wild and crazy animations. Swooshing sounds and flying words are distracting to the audience and weaken your presentation.

5) Using the slide presentation as the handout. Sorry, but that is the lazy way out. Prepare separate handouts with as much detail as you want. Use simple PowerPoint® slides to enhance your oral message, not serve as the leave-behind.

6) Reading from the slides. Don’t turn your back to your audience and read the slides. Instead, maintain eye contact with your audience while delivering your key points in a conversational tone.

7) The Star Wars “laser saber” show. Leave the laser pointer home. The piercing red beam probably won’t really take an aircraft down, but it will definitely kill your audience’s attention.

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Sales And Network Marketing To The Right Audience – Maximize Lead Generation With Great Presentation

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The life-blood of your sales territory or network marketing business is making presentations. There are to keys to assure greatest success;

  • The People You Are Talking To
  • Your Energy And Enthusiasm

No matter if you make presentations face to face, on the phone or in a webinar, these two elements are constant.

The Right Audience

You need be speaking to the right kind of people. Effective lead generation is essential and is not something you should leave to a third-party. Think of it just like romancing your companion, it’s not something that you can job out without disastrous consequences.

Outside of your circle of influence and warm market of friends, family and people you do business with, you will enter into the world of lead generation and you’ll find quickly that it is a science unto itself. In fact, you should think of it almost as a second business, requiring as much education and practice as your primary opportunity.

Some of the first coaching I got in lead generation for my business, wellness and nutrition, was to place a classified ad in the employment section of the paper looking for “23 people who wanted to lose weight“. The phone rang like crazy and I made hundreds of presentations. I even got a few sales but the ratios were lousy. The point is that getting ten pounds of crap cheap is still just ten pounds of crap and of little value unless you are in the fertilizer business.

Cut months or even years off of your learning curve and find what you are looking for in a candidate for your products, services or opportunity.

  • You may want to work with stay at home moms, who can be enthusiastic and make up a staggering majority of network marketers.
  • You can build your business quickly with professionals who already have an entrepreneurial mindset but will be harder to close.

People looking to get rich quick or people who are thinking in lineal income terms will become a drain, wear you out and adversely affect your enthusiasm.

In the simplest terms you are looking for people who are looking for you and your quest is to master lead generation that will produce that result.

Honor your time and commitment by only presenting to the kind of people you really want as customers or as part of your organization. Decide who your audience is and how you are going to attract them so that you know you are speaking to the right audience:

When you are sure you have the right people in front of you, you are ready for the second key:

Energy and Enthusiasm

Only about 10% of your prospects decision is based on the hard facts about your business, product or compensation plan.

The rest of the decision is reached because of your energy and your enthusiasm. How you deliver your message is far more important than what you are saying. Portraying an honest belief and excitement will drive the decision by inspiring your prospect.

True and sincere belief in your company, your products and even your sponsor will be felt by your audience and drive their decision-making process.

During your presentation your prospect is barraged with facts, figures and testimonials in just a few short minutes. For the prospect it’s a jumble and they only retain a small part. What is lasting is how they feel about you and how they felt as you told them about your business.

A top-notch presentation about your product or business is critical for your success. Be at your very best and full of energy and enthusiasm. Here are some things to add to your pre-game preparation:

  • Unplug from whatever else is happening. No distractions. No negativity.
  • Think of the successful people you emulate. They have achieved success and you will too.
  • Find a quiet place. No background noise.
  • Read your favorite affirmation(s).

Presenting to the right people and preparing for your presentation will set you apart from other marketers. Most are too desperate to perfect lead generation and too lazy to present professionally. These make up a majority of those who quit, claiming they failed.

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7 Keys To Boost Sales With Your Whiteboard Presentation Skills

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Here we are at ‘back to school’ time for children…and for sales teams. If you haven’t picked up a whiteboard marker and started to practice, now is the time. Here are 7 ways to prepare fast.

Give a set of markers to a child and you’ll watch their eyes light up. Do the same to a subject matter expert or sales professional, and they may not be as excited. While you may not have used whiteboard markers since kindergarten, use these 7 keys to unlock your natural ability.

7 To Boost Sales With Your Whiteboard Presentation Skills

1. Start Now
What’s the best time to start working on your skills? Right now. If you have a whiteboard at home or at your office, get out the markers. If you don’t have one yet, buy one.

In the meantime, practice on a piece of paper or flipchart. While the medium is different, the skills are transferrable.

Not sure how to practice on your own? Well…for inspiration, move on to tip #2.

2. Practice With Children
Children love to play with markers. And they will be especially delighted when you join them.

If you have children of your own, get out the markers today. Scribble. Doodle. Play. Ask your kids to show you how to draw key ideas. They’ll have fresh perspectives on how to show complex ideas.

If you don’t have children of your own, ask a neighbor. As this is ‘back to school’ time, your neighbors will be delighted to let you ‘borrow’ their children for an hour at the whiteboard.

Still not feeling the magic? Keep going to tip #3.

3. Workout In A Bootcamp
If you’re really serious about boosting your skills, join your peers for a whiteboard workout. You can do this at your own business or organization. Or you can join a local class to learn powerful tips for whiteboard presenting.

When reviewing options, check your local newspaper, continuing education programs community listings. If you are not finding resources locally, go online.

Whiteboard classes, seminars and boot camps are now available in public classes as well as onsite seminars. If you have a part of a sales team, this is a terrific way to build skills as a group.

4. Get Coaching
Like every performance skill, whiteboard presenting has unique challenges. That’s why serious professionals get expert coaching. Your presentation coach will give you pointers for simplifying complex content, listening, showing your value proposition, responding to objections, and streamlining decisions.

If using whiteboards is part of your success strategy, you’ll want to find a personal coach who can give you personal pointers. With all the advances in online coaching, this is now much more convenient-and affordable than ever before.

5. Practice With Peers
There’s no better way to boost skills and pump up excitement than practicing with peers. Your teammates will know how to draw and sketch concepts that are difficult for you. You will know how to simplify a concept that they couldn’t crack.

By practicing together, you’ll transform dull team meetings into energetic exchanges. Plus, you’ll have a powerful way to share knowledge and build a set of best practices. This is a technique to use with peers at your location-and with virtual partners around the world.

6. Translate Key Concepts
Sketching at the whiteboard truly comes to life when you translate key concepts that you use often. Look to your scripts, slides and sales materials. Translate key concepts that you use all the time. Take the time to highlight these ideas and show them with a marker, while the audience watches.

Hint: use whiteboard sketches to educate, engage and involve your clients and prospects. Working on the spot is a great way to provide valuable educational insights about your products and solutions.

7. Keep A Journal
It’s easy to get excited about whiteboard presenting. At the same time, it helps to keep track of what you’re learning. The best way to do this is to keep a journal. Record insights as soon after you give a presentation as possible. This is when your ideas are flowing and your memory is fresh.

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How to Design a Professional Real Estate Listing Presentation

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A powerful real estate listing presentation is key to becoming a top producer. Everyone in real estate knows, the agent who controls the listings, controls the market. Regardless of who sells the listing, you get paid. So how do you become a master at listing real estate. Follow these steps and I guarantee you’ll secure more listings and gain control over your business.

Make sure when you set the appointment for the listing presentation, all decision makers will be present. Explain to the seller what’s going to happen. You’ll be meeting with them to gather information about the property and their needs.

Then you’ll do your research and set up a second appointment to discuss your marketing strategy and pricing recommendation.

The first visit is your opportunity to see the property, build rapport, trust, and determine the sellers needs. When you’ve accomplished that on the first visit your chances of walking out with a saleable listing on the second visit greatly increase.

Remember, your in charge. Your the expert. So take control.

When I sold real estate, I put together a three ring binder that contained information about me, my company, articles about pricing, condition and other related topics. A copy of a listing presentation. The awards I had won. Certificates from courses I had completed. And most important, pages and pages of testimonials from satisfied clients. I left it with the seller during my first visit.

By leaving it with the seller until the second visit, you give them an opportunity to fully study it instead of letting them browse through it while sitting with them at the kitchen table.

Now it’s time to do the research. 90% of my time on most real estate listing presentations was spent on research.

Prepare your CMA with sold, active, expired and FSBO’s. Don’t forget the FSBO’s. List the pricing history and days on the market. Drive the neighborhoods and take pictures of the properties. Make note of the positives and negatives in comparison to your sellers property?

Become the neighborhood expert!

Next, prepare your pricing strategy. What’s price range will get the property sold in the sellers time frame? What possible objections could the seller have to your pricing strategy? What’s their net proceeds and does that amount meet their needs?

Now you prepare for the listing presentation. Layout exactly how you’ll present all the information. You should already have a generic listing presentation. Now customize it to fit the particular needs and situation of this seller.

Spend time developing and rehearsing your presentation. Prepare for all possible scenarios. The more prepared you are, the more likely you’ll walk out with a saleable listing. One last thing, fill out the listing agreement with all the information, except the price.

You’ve done your research and preparation, now it’s time to present.

Arrive at the house a few minutes early. Gather your thoughts and take a minute to visualize the outcome you want before going to the door. See them signing the listing agreement at your recommended price.

When you get in the house, begin to establish rapport immediately. Spend as much time as necessary to warm them up and gain their trust.

Direct the sellers where you want them to sit at the table and continue to build rapport. Don’t cut yourself short on this part. Rapport and trust are key ingredients to your success.

Ask for the notebook you left during your first visit. That will bring up any comments they want to make about you, your company and other issues covered in the notebook. It’s a great way to get the listing presentation started.

When you feel the time is right, lay out the agenda. Let them know what you’re going to cover and in which order.

Get agreement on the agenda before you continue.

Review the needs they expressed during your first visit. Make sure everyone is clear on what the sellers needs are and get an agreement on them. Establish goals that both you and the seller can agree on. Make sure you cover this step thoroughly before you proceed.

Next, talk about your company, yourself, how you’re different and why they should hire you. Present your detailed plan for marketing their home. Use what ever visual aids you’ve prepared to emphasize your points. The binder you left with them is a great tool to use at this time.

Once you’ve established your credibility and expertise, get an agreement from them that you’re the best person to list their home. Handle any objections that arise up to this point before moving on to the price.

Now it’s time to go over the CMA. Show them all the research you did, the pictures you took, how you drove through the neighborhoods, called the FSBO’s. Everything you did to arrive at your suggested price range. This will also set you apart from the competition. Even though other Realtors may do the same things, few will explain it in such detail.

Once you present your recommended price range, show them how much money they’ll net. Then handle any objections they raise.

When you’ve reached agreement on price, go over the filled in listing agreement and enter the agreed upon price. Hand them the pen and show them where to sign.

Take the time now to let them know what will happen next.

An effective real estate listing presentation is to the point and focused on the desired outcome of the agent and seller. Be professional, stay focused and you’ll create a win – win situation for everyone involved.

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Cheap Presentation Skills Training: 3 Options for You

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You know that communication and presentation skills are important. Almost every job ad asks for superior communication skills. Perhaps you want to improve your own career success but your funds for training or coaching are low or non-existent.

Maybe you are a manager or team leader that has noticed missed opportunities because your team is stumbling through their presentations. Perhaps some negative comments have filtered back to you and you need to act.

You probably know that the best way to improve any skill set is to work with a professional. But those costs for a presentation skills trainer or speech coach can be substantial and you are not ready for that investment right now. You want something cheap. That’s understandable.

What can you do to start improving those presentation skills? How can you find and arrange some inexpensive training for you or your staff?

Buy a Book on Presentation Skills: The $30 Option

This is a small investment and well worth it. What book do you buy? Search Amazon for books on presentation skills or public speaking. Look for quality endorsements and reader comments. In particular look for specific details about the book or results enjoyed by the readers.

Ask a professional speaker or a speaker that you admire about the books they recommend. Be sure to ask them, “Why this book?” If they can’t tell you why, then it is probably not a good book. If the person only recommends their own book it is probably not a good choice.

If you want to train your staff, buy a copy of the book for every person on your team and instruct everyone to read the book. Hold weekly meetings and assign each person to teach a different section of the book. In order to teach they first need to learn it well. The bonus is that each person will need to prepare and deliver a presentation before your group. That’s good practice and they are bound to receive some helpful feedback. This is a cheap training option.

Toastmasters: The Club Option

Toastmasters International is an international nonprofit organization that teaches public speaking skills. Every member receives program material that enables a systematic personal training program. You move at your own pace and benefit from the experience of your fellow club members. It’s a supportive and constructive environment.

You have two options with Toastmasters. The simpler choice is to join a local Toastmasters club. Pay your dues — which are quite inexpensive. Attend the regular meetings. Study the program materials. Actively participate in as many club activities as you can. If you are really keen, you can attend and speak at speech contests, conferences and volunteer training events. Toastmasters offers a cheap yet effective program.

The second option is to form a Toastmasters club at your company. Many companies host and financially support a Toastmasters club for their employees. Contact Toastmasters International to learn how to arrange this. They will help you through the startup process and even find local members from other clubs willing to help your new club get going. Forming a company club grants the same privileges to all club members.

Internet: The Free Option

People used to say, “Ask a question of the universe and it will answer you.” Today, that universe is the Internet. For cheap you can’t beat free.

Want to learn more about how to improve your presentations skills? Search the Internet for “Presentation Skills”, “Public speaking” or “Communication principles”. If you are working on specific challenges, then search for those terms: “How to open your presentation”, “How to write your speech” or “How to feel more confident when speaking”.

Read published articles. Search on Google for “presentation skills articles”. Visit the major article directories to look for more articles. Look on YouTube for video instruction. Check your favorite podcast directory or iTunes for audio tips. Search Twitter and Facebook for presentation tips and insights. Check LinkedIn to find and join discussion groups about presentation skills and public speaking. Search for “Free presentation tips” to find free newsletters. Look on for “Presentation skills blogs”.

If you want to improve your presentation skills you can start now. You don’t need to spend a lot of money. You might need to invest some thought and time. You do have inexpensive choices.

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You Have Your Business Plan, But Do You Have Your Business Plan Presentation?

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There are times when you get potential investors interested in your proposed business plans. You then have a short period of time in which to explain the business plan in more detail and convince them about the viability of your business venture. In situations such as these you will need to make a very telling business presentation plan in which every detail is presented and where every minute counts in showing off an effective presentation.

You need to analyze the prospective audience and learn beforehand who will be attending your presentation. It will pay to have some background on each investor, and you should also know what other businesses they have invested in. The business presentation plan should be well organized and it should clearly outline the key points that you wish to get across. The material should be arranged in a similar manner to the way that your business plan has been organized and you need to make sure that there are no gaps or inconsistencies in the outline. You should also have a well prepared notes to keep on point during the presentation of the business plan.

When making the business presentation plan, you should use a conversational tone and begin with an overview of the planned business venture and then you can go into specifics of the business plan later on. The presentation would be better served if you were to use visual aids while making the presentations and using a minimum of ten to fifteen slides during the presentation is highly recommended. You can also use overheads and even handouts that will add emphasis to your remarks. Using PowerPoint for creating your business presentation plan is recommended; you may even want to show corporate videos, though it should not be for longer than five minutes at most. It is also not a good idea to use lengthy sentences in the presentation as the delivery should be free flowing and there should be a sense of continuity to it.

Before making the final presentation, you should have practiced the script and even made a dry run prior to giving the actual presentation so that you feel more confident about your plan. You can present to your close friends first and get them to criticize it so that any improvements required can be incorporated. You must also make the business presentation plan flexible though focused and yallow for investors to ask question. It is even a good idea to anticipate the questions that investors will ask you; remembering that it pays to be brief though concise. The plan should not end up being a rambling on the proposed topic, which will only bore the audience.

The business presentation plan is readily available in the market and finding one should not pose any problem, as there are many vendors who specialize in such documents and for a few dollars one may obtain completely researched and well-formed business presentation plan. There is no need for researching and creating one from scratch as buying these documents provides an avenue for obtaining comprehensively created solutions that have had experts draft them and they are suited for all manner of use. Spending a few dollars, one could reap great benefits, as there is plenty to be saved in terms of time, money and cost as well as being tailored to suit individual requirements.

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Improving Your Potential Presentation Skills

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At some point in your life you are going to have to make a presentation. Some people have this experience early in life, and others do not have it until they reach high school. It is important to know the most basic presentation skills. These skills can also help you to effectively prepare for writing papers and presenting arguments.

Primary and secondary school prepare people on how to present projects. But, when working for a corporation or in college or university it is necessary to go beyond the skills we have learned. It is necessary to go above and beyond without going over the top.

Before even starting a presentation it is necessary to brainstorm. The purpose of a presentation is to get a point across. You need to think about what points you want to get across to your audience and how you are going to do it. The easiest way to do this is to write out an outline. Make sure that the outline covers your most important points that will be used in the body of the presentation.

The second step to a good presentation is identifying the audience. Are you presenting to a group of peers or those above you. You also need to think about what the audience may be looking for from a good presentation. The best way to do this is by putting yourself in the seat of those who will be receiving the presentation.

After identifying the audience it is necessary to look over the information being presented. Of all the information to be said, what are the most important point of your presentation. What are the point that your audience needs to remember when they walk away your presentation.

The fourth step in the presentation is actually starting. To start a presentation you need to have an introduction. An introduction lures listeners into what you have to say. It lets them know the subjects and gives a sneak peak of what to expect from the whole presentation. If you can not gain audience interest from the beginning of a presentation, you will not have their attention. It is important to make this introduction effective. An effective introduction sets the tone for the rest of the presentation.

The next step is creating the body of your presentation. This is the beef of everything. It gives all the information audience members need to know. During the body of the presentation it is important to keep the audience engaged. If you can find some kind of way to get the audience involved you can keep their attention and interest. Some important things to remember are eye contact, punctuality, speaking clearly, and having confidence in your subject. While you are speaking make sure not to hide behind your presentation. Look at your audience confidently when not looking over notes or information.

The final step in a presentation is the closing. The closing of a presentation should leave your audience without questions. It should conclude, or summarize everything that needed to be said about the subject of your presentation. An effective presentation should conclude by asking the audience if they have any questions or comments about the information they have been given.

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