Retail Marketing – Basic Tips For Your Business Presentation

Retail marketing has increased in these recent years significantly and there is a number of retail marketing companies offering their services now. However, retailers still own a certain fear of engaging their services or investing in marketing services at all. They still believe that marketing is an expensive activity to invest in and cannot recognize the benefits this activity can bring to their business.

Further on I will share some basic retail marketing ideas that can increase footfall in your store and make these retail marketing techniques a bit more familiar to all retailers.

1. Business Cards and the way to use them.

Make branded business cards and print the products’ names or the services that you offer at the back of it. Always carry your business cards with you and provide those to be available to all customers visiting your store. Let’s say you can share the business cards whenever you talk to a customer or leave a bunch of them at the counter so everyone paying at the counter or getting some information can get your business card also.

2. Monthly Drawings

Create monthly drawings for some of your products or services and use this activity to acquire customers addresses and some other contact details like email addresses for further marketing campaigns.

3. “How To” Seminar

Publish three months “How to” seminars for all interested customers and potential customers and discuss topics and share advices from experts in your industry. Use these gatherings to share your brochure and other hard copy marketing materials and increase your influence among the target audience.

4. Publish a website, become authority in the industry you represent.

Create and publish a website presenting your business and your services or products. Engage an appropriate marketing person to make your website visible among the targeted audience. Additionally build yourself an image like an expert in the appropriate industry by writing and publishing articles online and through the conventional marketing channels about topic that will interest your customers the most.

5. Press Releases

Present newsworthy press releases whenever necessary. Again you can use the traditional marketing channels and the online media as well.

6. Engage Social Media Marketing

Along with the creation of your website, create appropriate social media presence for your business. Create a Facebook page and use it to publish news, adds, useful advice for all your followers. Suggest this page to all of your Facebook page, and ask your employees to do so if they find it useful.

7. Logo, taglines, tee-shirts, brochures

Present your employees with free tee-shirts carrying your business logo and slogan to wear them to work. Place you logo and tagline on all hard copy marketing,materials, like brochures, pens and other.

8. Join Associations

Join a trade association related to your industry and use the communication to its members to make them more familiar to your business for eventual business deal. On the other hand make it very clear that you are a member of a reputable association that presents serious and reliable businesses. That way your own reputation will be improved among your customers.

These are just a small number of activities you can take to improve your market positions. It is important to consult a retail marketing consultant for specific advice and tips that fit best your business needs and your specific industry.

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