Real Estate Agents – Presentation Marketing Folders That Win Listings

One of the most important documents you can use in pitching for a new real estate sales or leasing listing is your presentation folder. In simple terms you have to have one, but it also has to be great and layout to help you win the business.

In presenting a proposal for a new listing to a client, understand that the communication is driven from 80% visual content and 20% written content. In reality the written content is not greatly read or comprehended. The simple reason for this is that adults have little time and want to be convinced of the relevance of the content before they will read it. Design your real estate presentation folder on illustration and not written content. Keep words to a minimum.

Not all salespeople can really pitch to the property owner consistently and creatively. This is where the presentation folder also keeps you to a pitching process and a plan. It takes you to the high points of the marketing of the property. It tells the client why they should use you and how they should use you.

There are a number of goals that the marketing folder should serve:

  1. To build the clients confidence in you the salesperson, in selling or leasing the property.
  2. To build the clients confidence in your company and real estate office in listing the property in the local area.
  3. To show the client that you really do know how to market the property and that your methods are equal to or better than the others in the market.
  4. To show the client what has been going on in the market with comparable properties.
  5. To show the client the listing process you offer and timelines that can apply to their listing process.
  6. How they can sell or lease the property quickly and yet still get a great price or rent

This simple list then shows that you have to structure the marketing folder to assist your logical presentation. Remember that the client is mainly interested in what you can do for them and the property. This should bias your marketing folder towards client questions and focus. A checklist or a series of them in each property type is great to help you here. You should have a checklist of questions for each of the following property transactions and types in your marketing folder. The checklists should be relevant to your region and local area.

  • Retail shop leasing
  • Retail property sales
  • Industrial property leasing
  • Industrial property sales
  • Office property leasing
  • Office property sales
  • Tourism related or other income generating property

Make no mistake here, the quality of the questions that you ask in the client interview, together with your use of the marketing folder, will influence the client in the listing process. Preparation is the key to success in the listing presentation.

The more effective and professional your marketing folder, the more effective you can be in closing the listing. The marketing folder is something you should carry with you at all times and have available for use at a moment’s notice. Make sure you know how to use it together with your checklists. Your checklists will help you focus your dialogue and questions. You will sound better than the competition and sell your ideas to the property owner more effectively. In this way you will close more listing opportunities.

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