Present Wedding Toast Speeches

The Wedding Toast Speech is a symbol of a couple’s wedding sacred union, there is more to the raising of glasses and drinking that comes along with what a wedding toast signifies. It is a statement of combined glee and sentiments, celebration and humor.

A Wedding toast has these following functionalities

A toast is a way of expressing your thought verbally. If you wish a newly wed couple all the best of health and partnership, this is the perfect time for you to toast your way to giving your wholehearted message to the couple.
A wedding toast speech is also a means of sparking a spur-of-the-moment humor that is considered to be a vital element in a wedding speech. While throwing in the best humor for the crowds enjoyment, the lifting of glasses will serve as a means of concealing the humor with a toast.
An excellent toast comes with momentary and brief presentation. The most important aspect in toasting is congratulating the newly married couple of their new found life, so don’t try to steal the spotlight by presenting a lengthy speech, but rather make the speech short and memorable. In many cases although they are prepared, they come to present a long and drawn out toast that kills the thrill of the moment, its best to stay away from dragging the speech longer then necessary.

What makes a good and memorable toast? It is not the length of the speech or your own recollection of the bride or groom that matters, rather its the concept of giving it in a meaningful and concisely way that makes the entire presentation a moment to be remembered. A well composed wedding toast is persuasive, poignant and witty. it should sound natural as well.

Few pointers and tips to know in toasting for a wedding speech

Do not drink excessively pre-toasting speech or you might embarrass yourself.
Say a heartfelt message about the bride or groom.
Keep the toast brief and as short as to 2-4 minutes.
Always establish eye contact with the crowd.
Avoid a shaky voice and a nervous like speech.
Stand upright and speak clearly and to everyone’s audible range.
Try to memorize the speech but have a cue card handy.
Make certain that everyone’s glasses are already full before lifting your glass for a toast.
Raise the glass as a sign of celebration and sip the wine or champagne after you make a toast.

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