Powerful, Persuasive & Motivational Business Presentations and Public Speaking

Public speaking and business presentation skills are increasingly crucial, yet often undervalued, elements of our success.

Great success comes to us when we can access and communicate our vision of a “better way” for our audience with passion and in stories the audience can relate to.

In today’s aggressively competitive economy, we must always be on our game and we must constantly and effectively sell our stories and our value to our audience.

Our audience might be employees, our boss, or customers. This is even important in selling our friends and spouse on the value and importance of our relationship.

If we aren’t selling effectively in business, we risk replacement.

If our public speaking or presentation skills are lacking, it’s probable that our success will also lack.

Even if you have already acquired considerable success, if your communication skills are inferior, you are denying yourself even greater levels of success.

Public speaking and business presentations are about selling our audience on the positive feelings and experience through the benefits to them if they buy into and act on our message.

Our stories – within our speech or presentation – should be about our audience, not about us or our product. Our stories must be about how we can move from the “fear, discomfort or lack” and to “satisfaction, comfort or safety,” as a result of their relationship with us and our product or service.

Public communication, whether in a sales presentation or a speech, has three primary elements: Content, structure and delivery.

To effectively present on stage, in life or in a business or sales presentation, we must first access, connect with and gain command over ourselves: our unique perspective, gifts, passions and voice.

Then we must learn how to communicate with our entire being, or instrument: our physicality, words, ideas and emotions. Expressing with free, passionate, dynamic connection to our message and our audience.

We must populate our message with the words that most precisely, concisely, rationally, and passionately articulate our message so as to have the greatest impact on our audience.

Then we must structure, that is sculpt, our words into a structure that provides for optimal impact and resonance for the audience.

Finally, we must persuasively communicate our message.

Even if we speak to an audience of 500, our message must be delivered to one person at a time with our complete attention, intention and focus on that individual.

It’s our job to inspire and lead our audience down a clear, concise and vivid path to their benefit through our voice, message and passion.

Success or failure; greatness or mediocrity; the choice is all yours. Great success and fulfillment most often comes to those who access, inhabit, own and communicate their passion with total intention and dedication to benefit our audience.

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