My Relationship With MS PowerPoint Presentations Has Certainly Advanced

My first exposure to MS PowerPoint presentations was at secondary school, and I have to mention that I hated them. I cannot work out how to make a single thing work, my visual displays seemed childish when compared to the remainder of my classmates, and most awful of all, I was in front of the entire class while I was attempting to present my presentation.

I was so embarrassed, I wanted to run out of class and never come back. I really had no clue exactly why I was having difficulties so much with how to use PowerPoint, but I simply could not manage to understand just how it worked, and of all of the MS PowerPoint presentations that were given that day, I received the lowest mark in the class.

I was extremely despondent as soon as I left class that day, and I think that my teacher sensed it and felt bad for me. The class was the first period of the day for me, and she informed me to come by 15 or 20 minutes before class every day and work on it with her. I became quite relieved and agreed to do so.

In just a few weeks, MS PowerPoint presentations were a breeze for me, and I was pleased when my teacher told me that we will have another task later in the semester that needed an MS PowerPoint presentation. I will have a chance for redemption.

One thing she told me during one of those morning tutorials which sticks with me even to this day, because it was so accurate, is that MS PowerPoint presentations were the wave of the future. She said that in the business world, I would have to make them often, and I ought to learn how to do them inside and out.

In the MS PowerPoint presentations for the second task, I volunteered to go first, and mine was easily the top in the class. I had a few smiles as well as winks as I sat down; I suppose the pride at how my effort had paid off really showed in my smile as I strolled back to my table.

While attending college, I had to do numerous PowerPoint presentations, and they were really no problem whatsoever. I actually start to look for lessons that talked about MS PowerPoint presentations in their descriptions, since I were feeling very comfortable making them.

What I eventually realized was that my teacher was exactly correct. I use MS PowerPoint presentations frequently in my profession, and they’re very helpful visual aids as well as learning tools. I often marvel at how long my connection with these PowerPoint presentations has come from being a terrified 16-year old who had no clue what I was doing, to viewing them as something which are nearly second nature.

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