Living in the Present Moment is Empowering

What does it mean to be in the present?

We let the past influence our present. Things happen in our lives and occurrences take place that we put a meaning to, and a belief about. A neuro-pathway is created in our brain and that becomes our truth. We carry these truths around with us wherever we go. And they influence out present moment.

So in actuality, we are basing all of our decisions on what we believe about things. That is what I call living in the past and perpetuating the events of the past. We often spend time thinking about past events making them still active and relevant.

Most often, the beliefs that we created in our past are based on one incident or one aspect of our lives. They are often no longer useful to us. In fact, I believe that they are not at all. Things change, we change and other people change. Holding onto unworkable beliefs holds us back from making positive changes in our lives.

This is not to invalidate what has happened to us, or what others have done to us. It is to take charge of what we can do now to move forward and find healing.

Living in the future is hard to do.

That statement is pretty self explanatory, but we still try to do it anyway. It is important to have dreams and goals and to make plans for that. But aside from that, we can not know what the future will bring. When we make our plans and work our plans, we are in the present taking care of our future.

When we are not reacting from the place of our own opinions, but are reflective and in the moment, we are at our most focused, clear and confident. That is our inner power.

A good bit of advice when faced with a difficult situation is to pause and reflect without reacting. Forget how things worked in the past and make your response based on what is really happening at the moment. This is when you will be the most powerful and confident. This is when people will listen to you and respect you. Base your decisions on logic and workability. Your self-esteem will improve and you will remember to be in the moment more often.

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