iProjector-Plug In Your iPod And You Are Ready To Start The Presentation

The iProjector has just replaced the laptop with an iPod- as far as storing and carrying your business presentations are concerned.

The iProjector is a unique contribution to the corporate world from the pioneers of technology. The iProjector is scheduled to debut at 2007 and is brought to the corporate and home entertainment world by Ion Audio, makers of the renowned ITTUSB Turntable. Gadgets.in are of the opinion that it is just what the corporate world was long for to accommodate portability of business tools such as presentations and management meeting clips. It is no longer necessary to carry around a laptop just to facilitate a power point presentation at any sales or corporate meeting. The iProjector has done away with the cumbersome cables and connection paraphernalia of the past. Going a step further the iProjector facilitates a connection to an iPod through an inbuilt iPod port that connects to any iPod and easily projects information onto a screen anywhere, all in just in just a few seconds.

The iProjector is suited for home entertainment as well. One can project a TV show recorded in the iPod or a movie video onto the home theatre seem through the iProjector. What is more is that the iPod dock, which connects the iPod to the iProjector, also charges the iPod battery while it is working. This means that after you are done with the iProjector you will still have a fully charged iPod to listen to your music on your way home.


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